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The new phygital shopping experience for luxury brands and international tourism.
About us
The origins of Hypview.
Stéphane Jaubert-Segond, founder and CEO of Hypview, is an architect, painter, practicing Tai Chi for 20 years. In other words, over the years, he has built a special, almost intimate relationship with space. For him, space is the place of all experiences. In 2016, he created the startup Hypview. He made a first application on augmented reality glasses for his alternative art gallery in Paris.
Microsoft Hololens Lab in San Francisco.
In 2018, at CES Las Vegas and then in San Francisco, he meets Bernard Kress, optical architect of the Microsoft Hololens Lab. This meeting confirms his vision of using mixed reality as a service for Luxury and Art. He then concentrates the startup on the development of ergonomics and spatial computing to create new phygital marketing services for Luxury.
Community around experiential Luxury.
Our CEO sees in the marriage of mobility with the smartphone and the customer experience in mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) a powerful development axis for the retail.
For Stéphane « mixed reality allows a full boddy comitment in the experience. Together with a great spatial intelligence, we create the space of emotion. It is from this emotion that Hypview can build a qualified community around experiential luxury.»
Enhancing the artworks and objects of Luxury.
Born from the idea of enhancing works of art for museums, creation, to show what is not visible; Hypview quickly addressed the Luxury and international tourists-shoppers.
Luxury as a destination.
Hypview transforms the store into a destination by inviting the hypviewer to an experience enhanced by mixed reality. Hypview promotes the brand and its products both in stores and at fairs or events.
The phygital Hypview.
A pioneer of the «phygital» applied to experiential marketing, Hypview reinvents the purchase experience with digital holography: more sensitive, more alive, it invites the visitor to enter more intimately into the world of a brand through its objects.
The mixed reality as a service for Luxury.
Our experience designs are developed in the areas of fashion, leather goods, jewellery, vins&spirits, perfumes&cosmetics and cars. Already available for wine estate owners and high-end wine tourism, the 1st wine tasting in reality mixed, a must have!
Our team


CEO & Founder
Stéphane is an architect DPLG, completed by a Master2 "virtual landscapes" at EHESS - PSL University/Paris. He has worked in major Parisian architectural agencies. He then turned to retail design & architecture of shops and then to real estate. At the same time, he created an alternative art gallery in the Marais, a networking place where he forged strong links with Luxury, Art and Wine.


International Business Development & Associate
ISG Institut Supérieur de Gestion
Intl Business School Paris-NY-Tokyo. Full skills in marketing-communication-events. Business development - Brands and Agencies.

Thibault ANTUNES

Engineer - Dev Unity 3D
Passionate about 3D technologies.

Alexandre CONI

Engineer - Dev Unity 3D
Passionate about augmented reality, virtual reality, mixted reality and cross reality.

Moussa YADE

Autonomous System Engineer, AR, MR Informatic
University of Bordeaux
I am passionate about programming languages : java, C sharp and jee. As well as computer security including cryptography and auditing information systems.


Wine&spirit international Educator
Oenology University Bordeaux
Sydney wine academy
A new chapter of wine tasting with MR is about to begin.

James ARAX

Artistic director
Our Partners
Eric Flamand is the President of BKI Consulting, a strategy and operational lobbying consulting firm. He joined Hypview as a partner in 2019.
A technical partner, expert in motion capture, visual production and special effects recognized internationally in Hollywood Studios: “Rogue One”, “Avatar”…
They are supporting us:
Contact us
Hypview offers new solutions and experiences in mixed reality. Contact us for more information. Tell us about your project and ask for a demonstration.